I discovered, as a result of not getting any reasonably lengthy piece of content synchronised back to the server, that there was a message in the apache log alluding to me trying to send a POST message of more than 1024 characters.

It turns out that this is controlled by a variable in the apache conf file, so as a result of the recent wxjs upgrade, the wxjs stuff in the conf file now needs to look like

LoadModule wxjs_module "d:/wxjs/bin/mod_wxjs.dll"
AddHandler wxjs .wxjs
wxJS_Modules "d:/wxjs/bin/modules.js"
wxJS_RtSize 1M
wxJS_CtxSize 8K
APREQ2_ReadLimit 100000K

I.e. APREQ2_ReadLimit has to be set to be some reasonably sane value large enough to represent your largest expected POST message size (i.e. when synchronising content to the server).
If not, you’ll get an OK response from the call, but the content won’t be synchronised, and you’ll only know for sure that there’s a problem by seeing the message in the log file.


2 Responses to APREQ2_ReadLimit

  1. Thank you for posting this! It was surprisingly hard to find mention of the APREQ2_ReadLimit directive on the web. It might also be worth noting that it only seems to work as a global directive (didn’t work for me as part of a virtual host definition).

  2. Scott Wolff says:

    Thanks for this, and to Cody Brimhall for pointing out it only works in the global directive.

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