Version 0.0.27 released

Version 0.0.27 introduces support for hosting the server-side components on Linux (specifically Ubuntu 9.10). Up till now Remote Writer has used the wxJavascript library, which is actively maintained by Franky Braum, who is migrating the code to a new library called GLUEscript.

However, although Franky’s intention is to support Linux platforms as well as Windows, at the moment the code is not quite there, and I’m unable to get it to compile under Ubuntu. Therefore, I’ve decided, at least as an interim measure, to continue using wxJavascript for Windows installs, and a different library, JSEXT, for Linux installs.

I’d much rather use a single server-side javascript library for both Windows and Linux, but there you go — I’m hoping that GLUEscript will evolve nicely so that it meets this need, but for the time being JSEXT is being used for Linux.

There’s a few minor bug-fixes as well (check the change log).


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