Version 0.0.24 released

March 26, 2008

Version 0.0.24 includes a number of important bug fixes and useful features, including:

  • Fixed synchronisation bugs which caused files to not be fully synchronised between the client and the server
  • Added the ability for the user to rename a document
  • Added the ability for the user to delete a document (virtual delete)
  • Added the ability to add id attributes to elements with a class attribute beginning “name”. Although this sounds a bit esoteric, it means that it is now possible to add unique ids to all elements representing authorities (e.g. “namePersonal”, “nameOrganisation” etc) before exporting the content from Remote Writer, and these ids can be maintained when the authority is then matched to an external authority file. Thus, when a future export from Remote Writer is performed, the newly exported results can be compared to the previously matched results, and be updated with the matched information (by a user script), thus preventing having to manually rematch the authorities against the external authority file. Any new authorities added in Remote Writer since the previous export must of course still be matched to the external authority file.

Version 0.0.23 released

February 18, 2008

Version 0.0.22 includes several minor changes, most notably ensuring that all changes are synchronised to and from the server when the user logs out.

This means that, in order to guarantee that all changes have been synchronised with the server, the user should log out at the end of a session, rather than using the “remember me on this computer” feature.

Version 0.0.22 released

February 6, 2008

Version 0.0.22 includes several minor changes, including: