Latest version: 0.0.26 (beta) released on 9 January 2009

Reason: Upgrade of TinyMCE editor to version

Visit the Google Code Remote Writer home page

Download now from Google Code

Previous releases:

  • Version 0.0.25 (beta) released on 24 November 2008
    Reason: Addition of two simple scripts to aid debugging of wxjs, corrected help notes to reflect recent changes in wxjs, and Included new version of json library, which is better at parsing long strings using regExps.
  • Version 0.0.24 (beta) released on 26 March 2008
    Reason: Fix bugs causing synchronisation problems, and add features allowing renaming and deletion of documents.
  • Version 0.0.23 (beta) released on 6 February 2008
    Reason: Ensure that all changes are synchronised to and from the server when user logs out.
  • Version 0.0.22 (beta) released on 6 February 2008
    Reason: correction of CSS governing display of prompt dialogue to save when user creates a new (unnamed document)
  • Version 0.0.21 (beta) released on 6 February 2008
    Reason: addition of prompt dialogue to save when user creates a new (unnamed document)
  • Version: 0.0.20 (beta) released on 8 January 2008
    Reason: initial release

4 Responses to Download

  1. Andy Dean says:

    Have tried to download RemoteWriter zip file at least 6 times today with both IE and Firefox, but I always get an abbreviated, corrupt file. It may be the 2 kbps connection I have here, but perhaps you may want to download just to check. I am excited to find this app and eager to try it out, on its second day of life.

  2. jcdarwin says:

    Hi Andy,
    It does seem to work fine for me, as I’ve just downloaded it from the above link and tested to make sure it works, and everything’s fine. Do you think you could try on a higher bandwidth connection? I could always email you the file if you like (it’s about 1.8MB in size).

  3. BuB says:

    hi, I can’t make it work on linux, any help?

    there’s a js error, from md5.js, looks like the session challenge function cannot produce value, i study the code on this line :

    this.credentials.password = md5.hex_hmac_md5( md5.hex_hmac_md5(password, author), this.credentials.challenge);

    the “this.credentials.challenge” got an undefined value, thus producing an md5 error on hashing passwords
    i’m newbie to javascript, but i like this application to work… please help… thanks…

  4. jcdarwin says:

    Hi BuB,

    I think the problem is as mentioned on the wxJavaScript site ( “you need to build wxJavaScript yourself”.

    I’ve done all the development and testing on a Windows machine, so aren’t 100% sure, but I would guess this is the problem. By the way, if you don’t want to go to the hassle of getting wxJavascript to work, then it is possible to run Remote Write in standalone mode on the client (i.e. without using the collaborative synchronisation features). See “Installing the application for use on the client” (

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